Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Truth About Me...A Babble!

I'm a curvy divorced 35 year old coffee addict who loves shoes, animals, the Yankees and all things fattening. I teach during the day, binge on wine Netflix and Hulu at night, and on the weekends I devour as many books as I can. (Make an orderly line, boys!!)  The truth is that I struggle everyday with accepting my life as it is, which is sad because I actually have a really great life.  I have the amazing career that I always dreamed of, a small but true group of fabulous friends, a beautiful niece whom I love more than anything, more family than I know what do with. I also have a crazy cat who is an an awesome, but huge asshole and I have the most wonderful dog ever known. I have a man in my life whom I love, but our relationship is so beyond complicated that it would take years of therapy to make sense of it. Like I said my life is a fulfilling one, so you must be wondering why I'm struggling to accept my life as is? The answer is simple...life is hard! As much as I love my life and the people in it, other things get in the way and I forget the good things that I have going on. Things like my weight, the fact that I am past my prime child bearing years, and the fact that the man I love will never give me the life I want us to have, try to keep from getting out of bed in the morning. Some days I can shut down those negative thoughts and other days I let them drag me into a hole so deep that I can't function.  Hopefully babbling about this crazy journey through life will help me continue to get out of bed in the morning and embrace the lovely life that I do have.

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